Available in a wide range of sizes, materials, port configurations and pressure ratings, Buccma bladder, piston and diaphragm-type accumulators give engineers the ultimate in design flexibility. Our complete line of accessory products ā€“ including safety shut-off blocks, clamps, repair kits, and charging and gauging units ā€“ makes installation and maintenance easy.

These Robust and Versatile BUCCMA Accumulators are in widespread use in most sectors of hydraulics, improving the comfort of your machine, protecting your hydraulic system and are used to increase the energy efficiency of hydraulic systems amongst many other functions.

Energy storage,
Emergency and safety functions,
Damping of vibrations, pulsations (pulsation damper) and shocks (pressure shock damper) and noise (silencer),
Suction flow stabiliser,
Chassis suspension,
Volume and leakage adjustment,
Weight equalisation
Energy recovery, recuperation,
Media separation.

Bladder Accumulator

The bladder accumulator is comprised of pressure resistant shell, elastic bladder, gas valve and fluid port (anti-extrusion) assembly. BUCCMA bladder accumulators are available in a wide range of sizes and pressure ratings, and are compatible with a wide range of fluids, temperatures and permeation requirements. Their design makes them compatible for both pulsation and oil storage.

Piston Accumulator

Buccma Piston accumulator use a sealed piston / barrel arrangement to separate gas and fluid, giving it a long service life, compatibility with extreme ambient temperatures. Although Piston Accumulators leverage nitrogenā€™s compressibility to the fullest, they are not very sensitive to pulsations.

Diaphragm Accumulator

Buccma diaphragm accumulators are constructed by electron beam welding two hemispherical shells together, and a rubber diaphragm is set between these two halves to separate gas and fluid. The Diaphragm Accumulator has a light weight to volume ratio and can be used in harsh conditions. They are very sensitive, making them ideal for pulsation dampening, however their gas pre-charge is limited.